Kuroikitsu (foxykittygirl) wrote in poetrykingdom,

First post.

This is my first post... its a poem I wrote a while ago that i wanted to share so... tell me what you think...

You Are Special
You're laughing at me.
I'm not funny, or cute, or anything.
I'm just there.
A waste of space and air.
I tell you so.
You stop.
I feel better now,
That pitying smile you now wear
Is more like what I'm use to.
You hug me.
Why? You ask.
Why do you think
So lowly of the one who
Brought joy back into my life?
I am shocked.
You can't be talking about me!
I'm not special.
In fact, I'm the worst person to ever live!
You hug me again
Squeezing me tightly.
I can't be special.
That would mean everyone was lying to me
All of my life.
Nobody likes me
Cause I'm not special.
Yeah, you are. You say
You're determined to make me believe
That I'm as special as you.
I love you. You say.
Do I deserve it? I ask.
No, was your reply.
I cry.
So it was you
That was lying to me.
It's okay though. I knew it would happen
Someday. Always someday.
You almost made me believe you too.
But it's okay, because you are my light.
You say I brought you joy, but in truth-
It was your adventurous, outgoing self
That brought joy to me.
No you don't deserve me.
You repeat, as though
I didn't get the point the first time.
I know. I don't deserve anybody.
Is how I answer.
Not what I meant. You say.
What are you getting at? I wonder.
You deserve better. You say.
I cry. What else can I do?
Shhh... you whisper in my ear,
As you stroke my hair.
Are you sure? I ask.
Yes. You say.
Maybe I am special.
Just maybe.
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