Kei (keikeiaznqueen) wrote in poetrykingdom,

You can't break a broken angel

Just joined the community and I want to share a little poem I wrote when I was a bit depressed. ^__^


Do they like to look strong?
They turn to leave, smiling
But tears start overflowing
There are no words that can be said now

Just like them, I have times when I break
It’s like a beautiful sand castle on the beach
Washed away in just a few seconds by the waves
I understand those painful feelings emitting from your eyes

They’re like angels that think they have fine wings
Only to be told they can’t fly
I’ve tried so hard to stand on my own two feet
Only to be tripped over and forgotten

Even if it’s just for one moment
I want to live in this transient lie
I want to believe that everything will be all right
Even if you think I’m pathetic

(All that I have in me is effort
Don't break my illusion and tell me I'm hopeless)

Please spare a moment
I beg of you
To think about who you are
And why you’re doing this

Please, even just for one moment
Think about why you do these thoughtless things
Even when it is so painful
Even just for one fleeting moment, I’ll be glad

And I’ve realised that I only have broken wings
But I still like to believe that I’ll be all right
Isn’t it better that way? Don’t you understand?
I don’t want to be like you.

It’s too cruel
So I believe that it’ll be all right
Even though I know for sure
That I will just fall again

But I’m not like you
I have a beautiful sand castle built in my mind
That will always belong
I have imaginary wings that you will never have

Even if I huddle in a corner crying in despair
You will never know
Because you’re all the way down there, looking up
Thinking that you have to have wings to fly up here

But then I even doubt
That you’ll ever spare that one moment
To realize what you’re really missing
Please, even just for one fleeting moment, I’ll be glad


Thank you for reading!
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