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Labour Day

I have an urge,
and so I write
whatever I feel inside
be it pain,
be it strife,
a symphony,
the joys of life

Whatever it is I feel
flows out steadily,
like a wheel
A wheel that rolls across my page
emotions that cannot be caged.

And so I continue,
on and on
until the coming of the dawn
Then I lie still, and contemplate
swirling 'bouts
of love and hate

It seems my task is not yet done,
not 'til my urge is gone
only then will I retreat
not willing to accept defeat

but as this tide goes out to sea
a new wave blows over me
And heart begins to ache
with a new urge to overtake.


Why is this called 'Labour Day'? simply because I wrote it sometime around 1:00 am on May 1. Ahaha.

Profound ne? Ahahahaha.
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